Non-Ferrous Metals

Recycling your Scrap

Aluminum Cans

Recycle Your Non-Ferrous Scrap

Non-ferrous metals include lead, zinc, copper, nickel, brass, aluminum, and zinc. Non-ferrous metals can include precious metals like silver and gold. Non-ferrous metals are more resistant to rust and corrosion since they don’t contain iron.

Recycle All of These Non-Ferrous Metals:

Alloys and alloy wheels
Armored cable
Bare bright wire
Copper cable
Household cable

Heavy copper
Lead acid batteries
Lead piping
Mixed copper
Sheet lead
Stainless steel

Road signs, roofs, water pipelines, and gutters all include recyclable non-ferrous metals. Because they are non-magnetic, they are also utilized in electrical wiring and miniature electronics. For recycling, bring your non-ferrous metals to Crusher Inc.; we’ll pay you in cash.

Aluminum Cans

Please note that metal and aluminum food cans MUST be SEPARATED from soda cans, beer cans or energy drink cans

Soda Cans – Beer Cans – Energy Drink Cans

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